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Question: Can I mirror Android phone to TV when my phone doesn't support MHL?

Answer: The answer is yes.

Till now for Android phone to TV screen mirroring there are 2 technologies: Miracast and MHL. Miracast is to mirror Android screen to TV with WiFi. The Android phone should support Miracast as a Miracast sender, while at the TV/projector end, there should be an either external Miracast dongle or built-in Miracast module as the Miracast receiver. That means, both the phone and the TV should be Miracast enabled.

MHL is to mirror Android phones to TV/projector through a MHL to HDMI cable. In this way both the Android phone/tablet PC and the TV should be MHL supported. So comes the question above-what if no MHL support? Still yes since we developed the Android to TV HDMI cable adapters, you can still mirror with cable without MHL support. You can have the MicroUSB port to connect to smartphone/tablet PC, and HDMI connector to TV/projector, USB connector to power charger, then simple setting. It just works!

Question: How to mirror Android phone to TV when my phone doesn't support Miracast?

Answer: You can still mirror screen with WiFi or cable.

To mirror Android screen with WiFi. Without Miracast support, Android device cannot mirror screen to TV wirelessly with Miracast technology. While there's an alternation, users may install MirrorOP for Android as sender and get a MirrorOP enabled Miracast adapter as the receiver for Wireless mirroring.

To mirror Android screen with cable. It is simple when both your Android phone and TV support MHL. A MHL HDMI cable can do the job. While when either your phone or TV deesn't support MHL, you'll need an Android TV HDMI adapter cable to mirror your screen. This cable can for Android device with or without MHL support.

Question: Can I mirror Android phone to TV when my TV doesn't support MHL?

Answer: Yes you can still mirror screen to TV but problem is the power supply of your phone/tablet PC since without MHL support there's no power charge for your phone/tablet PC when mirroring. You may better use an Android TV cable adapter, which can support Android cable mirroring with our without MHL support, and support screen mirroring and power charging at same time.

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