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This is a multilingual site. As a China ODM/OEM manufacturer of iPhone to TV HDMI cable adapters, Android Smartphone to TV HDMI adapter cables, Miracast dongles, AirPlay adapters, WiDi receivers, our native language is Mandarin Chinese, it is a pity that we are much lack of the knowledge of other languages. And, as English is the most popular language, the accuracy, integrity of the description and/or our product and service in English shall prevail in the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and other language versions

All other languages except Chinese and English are mechanically translated due to the reason above, so accuracy, integrity of the description in our products/services in other languages is not guaranteed, and for reference only. Interested parties and individuals are welcome to help us to translate the multilingual website into pure and precise local languages.

Thank you.

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